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Welcome to a world where your lawyers:


■ creative;

■ always have a fresh solution;

■ talk to your language;

■ fast, effective, successful;

■ use of modern technology and ideas;

■ keep pace with time;

■ think outside the box;

■ really understand the principles of your business;

■ shield you from all the problems;

■ justify your expectations.


Welcome to the future world!


SkyTouch Group officially founded in Kiev in 2011. It is a young, successful team of first-class professionals with a rich and varied experience. We have a portfolio of a large number of successfully realized complex business projects.


The company SkyTouch Group, this is not a typical team of lawyers.


Who decided that lawyers should wear suits and be selfish?

Who decided that they should take care of their cars better than clients' affairs?


We are the others, we do love our customers, we value their business, and we win the cases!


Sincerely yours,


SkyTouch Group






18 Lypkivskoho Street,

Kiev 03035, Ukraine


tel./fax: +380 67 234 47 22

e-mail: info@skytouch.com.ua